Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Virgin Mobile is a RAKE! Pt III

continuing failure to communicate:

Re: Account Balance (Tracking No:1227170) Size: 5 KB
Priority: Normal

In response to my response suggesting that there is no way my DD's use of voicemail (rare) would have used up the missing $10. This is the reply, please note, that this is from YET another service rep at Virgin Mobile....

---- "" wrote:
> Hi Stiles,
> Thanks for your email -- and for giving us the opportunity to help.
> We apologize for the inconvenience caused.
> I have reviewed your account and I see that you have Topped-up with $20 on
> You have been charged for Voice Calls $17.82 from 09/05/2008 - 09/23/2008 and
your current cash balance is $4.43.
> We do not see any other charges on your account that has reduced your cash
balance. Unfortunately we will not be able to refund amount.
> If you still feel that the problem is not resolved, please do reply with the
specific details so that we can resolve the issue.
> If you have any other questions or would like more info, feel free to email us
again ? simply log on your Account via provide your
Account PIN so we can help without delay or feel free to call us at
1-888-322-1122 (or *VM on your Virgin Mobile phone). We'll be delighted to
assist you.
> John
> Virgin Mobile At Your Service
> Your satisfaction is our goal ? please take a minute and tell us how we are
doing! Simply click on this link to let us know!

My records, including the record for my account ONLINE, show around 42 minutes
used. maybe 50 if I count the not listed calls to get voice mail, and the
occasional text FROM VIRGIN. Not 100 minutes used.

Please account for the other 50 minutes of use.


Ophelia Chong said...

what i can't stand is the "push 1 for..." drives me nuts. once i get someone on the phone, it's cool. but it takes forever. and i love it when they send me customer surveys...(as i rub my paws together in glee)

trinlayk said...

Yeah, I did the survey the first time, (basically, no- you did NOT help...) and the 2nd email gave the same survey link but won't let me fill out the survey the 2nd time to say... Aren't your people allowed to do basic math and tally up the actual calls?