Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Madison trip

Went to Madison again today. B.I.L is continuing to improve, and today he was even sort of responding to people, in particular the surgeon came into the room and said "Hi, how are you doing?" (prior to taking him back to the OR ) and he responded with a thumbs up. "Are you in pain?" got a head shake (as much as the respirator would allow). They've reduced the amount of sedation, but he is still heavily sedated. At least now, he's at least partially concious.

Things are looking up, but there is still a long way to go.

We took my sister to lunch at Ella's Deli (photos to be posted on flickr soon), and then a stop at a Capitol City Comics, and back to visiting at the hospital.

Yesterday, wasn't very active, some crafting, a trip to the Police department to report the theft of my credit card information ( quite a mess to clean up, but at least the card is cancelled now.) . I'm rather peeved about the whole thing, and I have a suspicion of who did it... but it's JUST a suspicion. They're going to investigate till they find out what happened, and I am indeed going to press charges when they get to that point.

In the evening we went to Anime night, where we saw the first (2 hour special) episode of the new _Naruto_ series (the one taking place 2.5 years after the last point in the current series... we're running about a month behind Japan.) I should be watching more of _Shinsengumi_ this week, I have 2 or 3 DVDS with 4 episodes each that I haven't watched yet. (I've watched about 3 DVDs already, and have a lot more to go as they gradually arrive.) Thank heavens for subtitles. The actors playing Okita, and Kondo have more than their fair share of charisma on screen (I'm too lazy now to go look up the actor's names.). It's a little bit of an odd feeling to find myself cheering for historical persons who I KNOW for the most part are doomed (DOOMED!).
What a rough conflict to be in the middle of, IMHO, it doesn't seem like there are any winners in the conflicts of the late 1860's early 1870's in Japan. It's so easy to empathize with all the sides of the conflicts. Though, maybe that's more about Japanese style storytelling/filmmaking than anything else. :)

Sunday, February 18, 2007

What a weekend...

Friday was the usual take-it-sorta easy day. Ran a few errands, went to socialize at Lytheria in the evening.

Friday morning I posted some items to my Etsy:

Including a faery princess and a chibi chuthulu, a bunnies and an elephant. The elephant and the Chuthulu sold within minutes, and a bunny and the faery princess were snatched up the next day. So I'm really happy with Etsy.

Faery  Princess

Nellie Phant watching the snow fall


Chibi Chuthulu Amigurumi

Yesterday, Henry hosted a Lunar New Year party, with eggrolls, rangoons, and a few other things. (I ate too much!!!) The small crowd watched kung-fu and samurai DVDs.... Today is the actuall Lunar New Year, and I'm probably not going to do much. Maybe, an errand or two (get glasses fixed, and get a flapper for the toilet), and maybe drag the young un' to a movie.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Ick day.

Went to Madison yesterday to visit my sister. B.I.L. is still improving but heavily sedated in the ICU. We took my sister for lunch at Michael's Custard. Dave M. provided our transportation and good humor for the day.

Today I'm exhausted and not feeling well, that's life with CFS and Fibro. Tommorow will be another take-it-easy day, but I'll definitely get to the post office and hopefully the grocery during the morning.

It's really horribly cold out today, and I'm feeling really icky. So I'm just going to take it easy, and try to get some rest.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

A fine day for doing not much.

Well it's Saturday (at least until about a half hour ago)... slept in till past noon. (ahhhh) having gotten up at some earlier hour to feed the cats. I suspect in my half asleep cat feeding stupor, I just opened a can and dumped it on a plate.

I finished the Twi'lek doll "Opal" for my daughter, and made Opal a really cute outfit. (Photo on my flickr) Later I took my daughter to Target to get her a purse and a prepaid cellphone.

Opal's Snow

Opal's Snow 2

Opal's New Friend

Since finally breaking up with the long time boyfriend (really about time, he was a creep)... she hadn't gone out, unless I dragged her visiting, unless she HAD to. Tonight is a positive landmark though, since she's gone to a concert with several friends. She may be home in an hour or two, and I hope she's had a great time.

I've also finally gotten around to posting, on flickr, my photos from the past couple days. Mainly Seimei being funny, Megumi being protective, and photos of the Opal doll.

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

February 07, 2007 No Real News

My BIL continues to recover from his emergency surgery for an infection from Diverticulosis. Prayers are greatly appreciated. He is expected to be in the ICU at least till the end of February, and it may be 6 months or more, before he is able to go back to work. (Thank Ghu, Buddha, and Herb for "Family Leave" and Health Insurance.)

I'm busy lately making amigurumi critters. (ami= knit or crochet and gurumi from "niguri"= stuffed animal(s). Big hits have been the rats, and "Mr. Pooh". Mr. Pooh is based on the cartoon character by Ophelia Chong. (She posts some of her work on Today, I'm working on "Mercenary Imp" for Greg Nowak, the creator of that character.

You can see some of my work at:

and wearables and posters @