Thursday, September 25, 2008

Megumi Missive, Evening

Ok, so the vet says it's possibly a dietary sensitivity causing IBS...
Today I picked up some special food. $11 for 6 cans at 6oz each. So it will pretty much take her a day to finish a can in 3-4 separate meals.

So far she's tried the Duck (Royal Canin), and it seems to be OK. (She'll get some more in a little bit and then I'm collapsing for the night.)

I've got about a page left to do for my MilwAPA zine, but I'm just too tired to do anything more.

OH and I got a nice email, but including surprising news, from the Duckon Treasurer... apparently no one realized I was having the trouble I was till 2 WEEKS ago. (I just got the check on the 15th after waiting 4 months, and making regular contact with the art show director.) This makes the handling of the art show look even worse, as there were several points along the way where I was told that the information had been given to the treasurer and I'd have a check in a few days... and here it is it's a complete surprise to him, and he's wondering why she went and wrote a personal check. Several times I was told that the delay was that she had given him the necessary information, but then "he's left for vacation and won't be back for 2 weeks..." sort of thing.

What REALLY has me concerned is the way information changed between 3 days after the con, when an email said that "at least one of your pieces went to the auction", to now, that there seems to be no record of this, or what my pieces DID sell for because as things progressed my paperwork went from "I have everything right here, and we'll get you a check as soon as we've gone over it again." to "I can't find your paperwork."

Yeah, Duckon, please, don't even send me the art show packet before next year's con.
I'm afraid to deal with you again... let me know when you have a new art show committee.

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