Monday, September 15, 2008

Monday Night Catball

(I'm running out of interesting titles)

Alrighty so we've been back from the Cat specialist for a little bit.
It's clearly NOT her liver, and the xrays from the regular vet are fine:
"Oh you see that thing in her intestine"
"uh huh"
"it's poop."

Megumi was a VERY good girl and let the vet "feel her up" and check her heart and her teeth & ... heart fine, gut feels good (feels a few poohs and a full badder.) her teeth are a bit grungy so something to discuss with the regular vet tomorrow.

Cat specialist also offered her a different kind of "food for sickly cats" the R/D (recovery diet) rather than the a/d (anorexia diet), and it turns out Megumi likes it so much better she was actually CHOWING Down on it when we got home...straight out of the can!

Hopefully, between the sonogram, and the blood tests tomorrow we'll find out why she was so sick. Everyone keep those purrs and prayers and happy thoughts going.


Mariah Kaze said...

It's good to know she's improving even if you don't have a definitive diagnosis. Good news.

I'm still purring for her and Hugs for TK too.


Creme Brule said...

I have been keeping up with the progress and praying that she will make a dramatic and full recovery.