Tuesday, March 13, 2007

B.I.L. continues to recover...
I managed to completely wear myself out and spent much of last week and the weekend recovering.

Proposal: Those of us who can't go to Worldcon Yokohama... shall we make the August Milwapa collation the Can'tGoToYokohama Pity Party? (Making the Collation/pool party on a Japan- Nihon theme.)

I'm getting my Yukata ready already!

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Sunday in Madison...

Sunday we were visiting again. Sister doing much better, B.I.L. is awake, watching sports on TV and grumpy because they won't just send him home. He can't even roll himself over in bed yet, let alone stand up, and he wants to just go home...

Got some good photos there too, Particularly some good signs (Octopus Car wash & EVP Coffee.)
Put some fresh craftwork up on Etsy (www.trinlayk.etsy.com).

No real news... just housework, and hopefully tommorow getting laundry done, since my parents are visiting ME on Thursday.