Monday, September 29, 2008

Storm Rolling In

There's a storm rolling in, so I'm the one feeling crappy today. (Fibromyalgia sucks.)
Took some medication and going back to bed soon.

Megumi seems to be eating OK, but not up to the amount she'd normally eat.
At least she IS eating. The Lamb seems to be the favorite, the Duck is acceptable,
and the Venison has been declared "weird".

In an hour or two, when I'm feeling better, IF the rain isn't torrential, I'll take Megumi in to be weighed. If we can't manage it today, we'll take her in tomorrow.

Seimei keeps stealing the bag of polyfil (for stuffies) out of my work basket... I don't know why it's so appealing, except he feels like a big game hunter, marching around with it.

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BooHooHoo said...

I am glad your kitty is feeling better. I hope she recovers fully.