Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Morning, exhausted human reporting.

Thanks everyone, keep up the prayers and happy thoughts.

She's eating on her own, special "recovery diet" from the vet , with a minimum
of coaxing. Yay!

I'm trying to keep up with the cat news but I think I'm falling a bit behind.
I intend to scan and post the sonography report and a couple of interesting photos.

(I was also planning a blog entry from Megumi's POV about the ultrasound but due to the sedation I expect her main comments will be "oooh tripppy" and "DAMN, who shaved my belly!")

The help from the fund raising efforts made it possible for me to pay a part of the bill yesterday, and the final total is still climbing at this point. (They took a little extra blood for if the tests they're doing show a need for further testing.)

Thank you everyone for your continuing help with so much. My morale would have bottomed out by now without all of you cheering Megumi on!

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