Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Cat News Morning Update

Vet called, yep liver is fine, foliate level is low, which may indicate an intestinal problem. We may be looking at a biopsy.... and even then, a special diet.
It MAY be IBS... Will talk to the vet a bit this afternoon, and get hard copies of the test results.

Thank you Dr. Birkhead for providing help with asking the right questions, as well as providing a 2nd opinion.

Now THIS is an interesting finding... since DD & I both have fibromyalgia; What does "now the cat has it" mean?

Megumi seems to be continuing to do alright, still need her to put some weight back on, but the weight loss didn't happen over night either. She IS eating decently at least at 2 meals a day, sometimes decently for 3 meals.


Ophelia Chong said...

glad to hear she's doing better. xox

kim* said...

aw get better kitty...