Thursday, September 11, 2008

Megumi illness update

got stuff from the vet, got a nausea reduction pill into her, and a liver support pill, AND some turkey baby food into her. Quite the wrestling match... she hasn't gotten weak.

she sniffed at my teriyaki jerky but wouldn't take a piece. (I usually have to shut myself in a room to not have to fight to get any for ME.) Sniffing at offered food is an improvement over last night.

I need a nap.

DUCKON update: Art show director said, on the phone yesterday, that she'd JUST sent out the check priority mail. Stay tuned for further updates.

Megumi's starter fund-raising for vet fees:

I think the zazzle stuff is nicer...

4:00 Ultrasound date is set for the 22nd (I'm waiting to hear back what time so I can be there with her)...

Has anyone's pet been through this?

(I've been ultrasounded but I'm human.)

How scary is it for them (scary noise, shaving)?

gotta go shove food into her again.

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