Monday, September 22, 2008

Fingers crossed, and Early AM Babbling

Megumi wolfed down her dinner with only moderate coaxing after being a picky girl all day. (back to the r/d food) So she ate well at 9 pm... at 2:30 am there was a Puke incident, and it was food coming up, but not a lot of it. She's already acting like she's feeling much better.

She seems to be ok now (5am) and cuddly...and wanting me to go back to sleep.

Seimei of course was, "Sissy's sick come quick!" so he's gotten some praise and extra loving too.

With Megumi's illness we ALMOST forgot Seimei's birthday on Saturday, so he did get treats and sung to, thanks to a reminder in email from Catster. (And a Happy Birthday to MY MOM! Many happy returns.)

Also from the 3Amigos group on Catster:

Thanks for the support everyone!

Oh, and sometime this morning someone added my blog to their RSS feed. THANK YOU!
Hope you realize what you are getting into... probably long periods of cat news, followed by long periods of nothing, and then spurts of news about art and interesting bits. I really SHOULD blog more consistently, but ya know me...

If you are enjoying my blog: take a look at this one, a fellow Milwaukean:
They REALLY love critters, and have lots of cute video and photos too!

I need to work on my 'zine for the Milwapa over the next few days, collation is Saturday.

Check out newish items:

I've gotten packets of plushies sent out to Archon and Necromonicon for the art shows and I should have the packet for Con*Stellation ready to go out Friday. (knock on wood, just a couple of items to finish, and the paper work to fill out.)
Then it's a tizzy of getting things ready for Windycon... though whether I actually get to GO to Windycon is still up in the air. If any of you are going, leave a comment, and maybe if I DO get there, we can plan a meet up.

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