Saturday, September 13, 2008

Megumi improving?

yesterday afternoon was manical...
(Landlord stopped by, daughter needing a ride etc.)

Vet called in a appetite enhancer, and she's had it a couple times now,
She sniffed her brother's food last night, but still needed food and fluid forced. (Chicken soup seems to have perked her up.)

Sonagram date had been changed to TUESDAY September 16th. yay!

Last night up on the book case! and washing herself...yay. I gave her some hairball remedy, a smidge more than her usual, and will see if it helps. I also poured about 4ml of chicken soup into her before I went to Lytheria, and when I got back got another 4ml of chicken soup into her before bed.

I don't think I've ever been so happy to observe a cat peeing.

Someone as marvelous as a kitty should NEVER feel sick or even "funky"...
Last night she returned to her custom of cuddling me while I slept, (though switched off with her brother around 2 am) this morning I woke to her cuddling and purring quietly while I petted her.

Gave her pills around 8 am, and should try offering the special foods in a bit....

Monday afternoon she's going to a cat specialist for a second opinion, (they also do not think it's a blockage, but did recommend giving her some hairball remedy stuff.)
Usual vet also gave us a pill for her to stimulate her appetite. Hopefully, today she will eat on her own.

Regular vet managed to get us a sonagram appointment for Tuesday afternoon. (sept 16) which is significantly sooner than the 22nd.

Thank you to everyone contributing to prayers and fund raising efforts
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product lines at both locations are expanding gradually, so things have changed a bit since yesterday morning.

Thank you to Dancing Dragon & Dr. Birkhead for their suggestions, & support.

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