Monday, September 15, 2008

Monday Mid-Day Cat Report....

Megumi nibbled at breakfast, so she got forced a bit of soup (veal baby food & chicken broth)

at lunch she wouldn't take tuna, or the tuna juice... but licked out the salad bowl after I made my sandwich.

I guess everything IS better with Miracle Whip.

At 3:45 I gotta stuff her in the cat carrier to take her to the Cat Specialist.

I picked up her xrays a little bit ago from her regular vet, and an Irish Setter was just in LOVE with me. Her human was a bit confused, "She's usually very obedient, and sits nicely to be petted..." Then I realized, I smell like cat, veal puree, and chicken soup... thank heavens she only wanted to LICK me.

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jenmaestre said...

Hahaha, that is a funny story. I'm glad the kitty seems do be doing better. :)