Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Jartsy-CrapInAJar-Creative Breakroom entry

Jartsy Entry B by trinlayk
Jartsy Entry B, a photo by trinlayk on Flickr.

Entry for the Creative Breakroom, Crap in a Jar, Jartsy competition.

Challenge theme:
"What's the stupidest thing you can put in a mason jar and actually sell?"

Challenge rules:
1. Find a mason jar
2. Put something stupid in it
3. Take some GREAT artsy fartsy photos of it
4. List it on Etsy with a creative description
5. We make a treasury of these fabulous handmade creations

6. ????


note: If you no longer have an Etsy shop, you are probably too smart for such shenanigans, but you can still participate on Flickr or your blog or whatnot.

***also featured on SwimmiesOfDoom's tumblr! Thank you SwimmiesOfDoom!

and listed here http://www.etsy.com/listing/72949580/faery-in-a-jar?ref=pr_shop
thank you Blueditty for hosting my entry.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

This little guy is teeny, 3in tall and just the right size to dwell in a dollhouse.
(He's photographed on a dollhouse couch!)
He's made from a hand dyed speckled yarn full of lovely spring colors.
He reminds me of a garden in an Impressionist painting.
(Merino, with a silk tail, safety eyes, and a heart fulla perkiness)

This evening's project is tagging, paperwork, and preparing for shipping, a batch of monsters for Gaslight Gathering, a Steampunk convention out west. (Their art director INVITED me to enter their Art Gallery! whoot!)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Happy Earthday!

Ok so Earthday is TOMORROW,
but it'll also be my birthday.

I've got a couple doll dresses done (Littlefee size)almost done with another one, planning a couple Pukifee and pukipuki sized ones too. Stripy yarns are FUN, but I'm not too sure they'll scale well for the smaller dolls.

Got a bunny plush to photograph to.

I'm having a bit of a rough time with the weather, but I'm hoping to be able to
start planting some cool stuff in the garden.

I've got a Dwarf Japanese Maple for a shrubbery too... can't wait!

waiting for the check from Oddcon, sold 6 items!
(and wondering if anything made it to the shouting auction)

Paperwork should be in email for Gaslight Gathering sometime tomorrow or the next day, and then it's getting that ready and shipping out stuff for the con!

I gotta be getting ready for Marcon next... and I'm contemplating but hesitant with Duckon... a few years ago they were a real mess.

Any cons in July? August?

Monday, April 18, 2011

cats & photos

friends 1 by trinlayk
friends 1, a photo by trinlayk on Flickr.

I was getting ready to do some product photos (the outfit the doll is wearing) and Seimei decided to help with the photo session.

I suppose this happens in any studio with cats living there. :D (though in this case the "studio" is my home too)

the doll is not for sale, and I didn't make him (yes, I've cross dressed the poor lil' guy)... he's a Littlefee Elf El and is made by Fairyland in Korea.

I made the tunic and the socks.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Fibromyalgia Sucks- respecting new limitations

Cool Old Tree by trinlayk
Cool Old Tree, a photo by trinlayk on Flickr.

It's been a rough day... been rough for awhile now with this flare up.

Only got 1.5 plushies done yesterday, and today is a "stiff neck of doom".
I'm trying to get 4 or 5 finished, so I'll have a good assortment to send to Gaslight Gathering's Art show.

This "stiff-neck-of-doom" is one of the recurring events with my fibromyalgia. The day starts out OK, but maybe an hour or two in the usual level of stiff and sore, increases, and increases, till there is horrible stiffness and pain from the base of my skull, down my neck, into shoulders and upper back.

So I take my "when you really need them" meds and go back to bed. Sometimes I'm a bit better the next day, sometimes better takes a few days of focusing on pain management.

I know I'm not alone in this... I was doing really well with managing it, hot baths with lavender salts, avoiding certain foods, planning chores and errands so I'm not cramming too much into one day... being watchful of the weather....

but since the August Event I've been struggling again. I hope the flare up will gradually die down again. In the mean time I'll keep trying to not distance myself from people with "I'm sorry I can't help you with X today" or "No, I'm not up to meeting for lunch." It will get better again, I hope really soon. In the mean time, it's back to discovering the limits, and respecting them.

Monday, April 4, 2011

busy again... yay!

photo: matzo ball soup, Benjamin's Deli, Milwaukee Wisconsin
Photo by trinlayk

making cthulhus for Gaslight Gathering...
retagging my items for the new web shop location (Zibbet & Artfire)

but also about 1/2 way done with a purple & lavender with flashes of pink, merino wool, Littlefee tunic/dress... I'll probably also spend a day or so to make matching socks... and then with what's left of the skein, make a pukipuki outfit...

and then...

well I gotta get back to work, the monsters don't crochet themselves.

Today was surprisingly productive, not only knitting, but a trip to the chiropractor and to the grocery store. I'm in charge of feeding a mob of people tomorrow, and I'm making Matzoball soup to go with some roast chicken and spinach salad. Sure glad J & Nick have volunteered to clean up, and Kelly and Neal will help with the cooking.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

wow, rain, snow and HAIL

April 3 weather rain, snow and hail...
so I'm flaring and hurting like heck.

I've got a full on flare (it's not quite as bad as the worst flare for me ever, but I'm also able to sleep whenever I need to now...)

pain meds, muscle relaxants, and I'm headed to bed soon (after sleeping till noon)
still seeing the chiropractor for palliative care. So the medical expenses (deductibles) are continuing... sigh...

I'm pretty worn out and struggling with the pain lately... but tomorrow IS another day.

finished the sweater for Souji yesterday, this one is for him rather than for sale.