Thursday, April 21, 2011

Happy Earthday!

Ok so Earthday is TOMORROW,
but it'll also be my birthday.

I've got a couple doll dresses done (Littlefee size)almost done with another one, planning a couple Pukifee and pukipuki sized ones too. Stripy yarns are FUN, but I'm not too sure they'll scale well for the smaller dolls.

Got a bunny plush to photograph to.

I'm having a bit of a rough time with the weather, but I'm hoping to be able to
start planting some cool stuff in the garden.

I've got a Dwarf Japanese Maple for a shrubbery too... can't wait!

waiting for the check from Oddcon, sold 6 items!
(and wondering if anything made it to the shouting auction)

Paperwork should be in email for Gaslight Gathering sometime tomorrow or the next day, and then it's getting that ready and shipping out stuff for the con!

I gotta be getting ready for Marcon next... and I'm contemplating but hesitant with Duckon... a few years ago they were a real mess.

Any cons in July? August?

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