Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Jartsy-CrapInAJar-Creative Breakroom entry

Jartsy Entry B by trinlayk
Jartsy Entry B, a photo by trinlayk on Flickr.

Entry for the Creative Breakroom, Crap in a Jar, Jartsy competition.

Challenge theme:
"What's the stupidest thing you can put in a mason jar and actually sell?"

Challenge rules:
1. Find a mason jar
2. Put something stupid in it
3. Take some GREAT artsy fartsy photos of it
4. List it on Etsy with a creative description
5. We make a treasury of these fabulous handmade creations

6. ????


note: If you no longer have an Etsy shop, you are probably too smart for such shenanigans, but you can still participate on Flickr or your blog or whatnot.

***also featured on SwimmiesOfDoom's tumblr! Thank you SwimmiesOfDoom!

and listed here http://www.etsy.com/listing/72949580/faery-in-a-jar?ref=pr_shop
thank you Blueditty for hosting my entry.

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