Sunday, February 18, 2007

What a weekend...

Friday was the usual take-it-sorta easy day. Ran a few errands, went to socialize at Lytheria in the evening.

Friday morning I posted some items to my Etsy:

Including a faery princess and a chibi chuthulu, a bunnies and an elephant. The elephant and the Chuthulu sold within minutes, and a bunny and the faery princess were snatched up the next day. So I'm really happy with Etsy.

Faery  Princess

Nellie Phant watching the snow fall


Chibi Chuthulu Amigurumi

Yesterday, Henry hosted a Lunar New Year party, with eggrolls, rangoons, and a few other things. (I ate too much!!!) The small crowd watched kung-fu and samurai DVDs.... Today is the actuall Lunar New Year, and I'm probably not going to do much. Maybe, an errand or two (get glasses fixed, and get a flapper for the toilet), and maybe drag the young un' to a movie.

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