Saturday, February 10, 2007

A fine day for doing not much.

Well it's Saturday (at least until about a half hour ago)... slept in till past noon. (ahhhh) having gotten up at some earlier hour to feed the cats. I suspect in my half asleep cat feeding stupor, I just opened a can and dumped it on a plate.

I finished the Twi'lek doll "Opal" for my daughter, and made Opal a really cute outfit. (Photo on my flickr) Later I took my daughter to Target to get her a purse and a prepaid cellphone.

Opal's Snow

Opal's Snow 2

Opal's New Friend

Since finally breaking up with the long time boyfriend (really about time, he was a creep)... she hadn't gone out, unless I dragged her visiting, unless she HAD to. Tonight is a positive landmark though, since she's gone to a concert with several friends. She may be home in an hour or two, and I hope she's had a great time.

I've also finally gotten around to posting, on flickr, my photos from the past couple days. Mainly Seimei being funny, Megumi being protective, and photos of the Opal doll.

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Jamieson B. Taylor said...

i must have one of those my daughter

pls - how much?