Monday, May 16, 2011

Update: measure twice cut once

Update: doll dress of Fate

This was SUPPOSED to be a Pukifee dress, I made an error printing out the pattern... so it was HUGE on her.

here it is on my Littlefee (my next larger size up doll) and it's too small on this one.

However, it will most likely fit the slim Yo size or the Planetdoll minis... so I'm taking the now finished dress to the meet in a month or so. It'll fit someone who will want it, right?

It must have been fated for THAT someone. (I'm going to try again, I have enough fabric so that won't be an issue.)

the collar and petticoat (with the lace) are separate items. so this outfit is fun for mixing an matching... can't wait till I have a version for Ume...finally.

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