Monday, May 9, 2011

Spring comes to Wisconsin-- sorta

Souji's tulips 2 by trinlayk
Souji's tulips 2, a photo by trinlayk on Flickr.

We had a beautiful couple of days so I managed some photos outside with Souji.

then rain, and gloom and chill for 3 days, coinciding with 3 days of OMFG level of a migraine. I remind myself that these things pass and they do... I just have to wait them out and do my pain management routines...

However, this afternoon I am doing OK ish again, and working on Cthulhus to send to Marcon... pondering maybe sending them some origami dragons too.

There's a purple Cthulhu more than halfway done, and a good start of one in seafoam. Photos soon, hopefully.

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