Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Dear ETSY or Why Opt IN rules

ETSY people telling each other how great twitter was, got a lot of ETSY people headed over to twitter to OMG! talk to each other.

so yeah the Opt In (which SHOULD have been the default) DOES work, It just means waiting for it to spread by "organic means".

Etsy would have done better to buy advertising...

Real names out in front on a venue where the majority of users are female... Not a good idea. This should have been completely clear at registration (not information in tiny gray type on a white background) and clearly OPT IN.

Not only would my name being exposed re-expose me to being harassed by my former stalker, it would have opened up my CUSTOMERS to being harassed.

IT'S NOT ABOUT THE FEEDBACK, it's about having real names, and buyer only accounts searchable as the DEFAULT.

There is NO POSSIBLE WAY that that is alright.

We were telling ETSY this since the "treasury glitch" several months ago... we were telling them this since every step toward this new function... we were telling them this from the VERY MINUTE we had a feedback thread on the People Search...

It's taken 7 days, and the problem hasn't really be addressed except to BREAK another function on ETSY.

ETSY, PLEASE NOTE, other companies have made the same errors, and paid out substantial damages. YOU SHOULD HAVE BEEN PAYING ATTENTION AND NOT REPEATING THE VERY PUBLIC ERRORS OF OTHERS.

Just because all the other kids are doing it, is not a valid excuse. Your MOTHER would never have accepted it from you, your customers won't either.

We are your CUSTOMERS, not your EMPLOYEES.

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