Sunday, November 16, 2008

Plugging away

Just posted a couple of really nice SOY lace scarves, and
what I'm calling a "bell bottom bag" on ETSY.

Still working away on the knitting of the felted laptop bag. I didn't expect it to take so many hours to knit this particular design...part of it though is that I didn't account for how big it would have to be BEFORE the felting part. So it's taking me longer and more patience than I thought it would.

I've started the 2nd laptop bag in a different colorway, but I'm knitting this one much more simply. I think I'll keep the zigzag design as a detail on the flap on the second one, as doing the whole thing in zigzag has been part of my +s that I have to make on my sanity roll for each new row. (everything has to line up just SO.)

At least I'm not feeling the frustration yet that I was having when I knit the Dr. Who scarf. (The next Dr. Who scarf, if there ever is one, is gonna be knitted in sections and joined...)

I'm still nursing a Techno-lust for one of these:


Danh said...

Everything is looking great! Good job. :)

kim* said...

great new items!