Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Megumi says Hi Everyone!

Megumi is feeling like herself again... and needs to go get weighed again soon. I think she's just about back up to her normal weight. She's eating well and picking on her little brother Seimei again.

Today I went to Target to pick up "feline hygiene product" and saw this cute little jacket in the $1-$2.50 section... I'm going to have to go back as they had other designs and cute holiday sweaters too.

J's computer broke down... she turned it off as we left for Tai Chi class, and when we got home it wouldn't turn back on. We figure it's either the Motherboard or the power source... Her friend Nick is coming by to look at it tomorrow evening. She's had it for about 3 years now, and we didn't get the extended warranty.
Prayers and happy thoughts for J and her computer will be appreciated.


geelizzie said...

okay, how did you get your cat to wear that!?! my cats would never ever allow me to put clothes on them, sometimes they just barely allow me to pet them!

trinlayk said...

She's a supermodel... and loves it when the camera comes out.

She's not the outfit lover that her brother is though. He's totally silly.

Forever Foxed said...

Hehehe, I can't imagine trying to get a cat to wear clothes! Looks pretty cute though.