Friday, July 22, 2011

recovering from having fun

last weekend I went to a doll meet in Madison, had a great time, but really tired myself out. (I'm STILL tired a week later, but I spent part of that weekend running on caffeine, i expected to be mostly recovered by Wednesday...)

well anyhoo, I had a great time, sold some stuff, bought some stuff....
Including Souji's hoodie from Sims, it's Toothless from _How to Train Your Dragon_ and she ALSO helped me fix the stringing in Souji's legs. He now stands up much steadier and no longer has "loose cording scoliosis" (she is now Officially : Auntie Sims)

A little boy doll got a Cthulhu plushie his human purchased, and a group of girls got a Hello Kthulhu. I was a little surprised by how popular Cthulhu and monsters are with the doll people... I always realized there was a big overlap of anime fandom, costumer fandom, and scifi fandom....but why didn't I think to bring the cthulhus sooner?

coming soon: beach dalek, and a review of Dreaming Tree eyes!

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