Saturday, October 25, 2008

Vote! Vote! like a baby stoat!

Pondering a new avatar... (just found out that people were confused by the original one... but I still love the original...)

so place your vote before Nov 4

1 Megumi wearing scarf 2 Megumi in her felted handmade cat nest 3 cat nest Megumi
4 Sleeping Seimei 5. Mothra & Candy 6 Mothra & Zine

This avatar will be changed on Flickr, Etsy, and facebook. (possibly elsewhere)
I've always used the same avatar everywhere, but y'know, maybe that's not necessary?

OH! Megumi is getting better all the time.
She has her personality back and is gradually putting the lost weight back on.
We're getting caught up on the vet bill too!

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