Sunday, April 27, 2008

Too much fun this weekend...

Had a meeting on saturday at a GAME shop:

here are some photos of my flitterbun "Bunny" (aka Mothra-bun) on the Warhammer tables.

(no model cities were damaged in the making of these photos.)

more photos here:

I went to see _Forbidden Kingdom_ (Jet Li and Jackie Chan) with a large group of friends last night. Sun Wu Kong (Monkey King) is one of my favorite characters from all of literature, he's such a smarty pants, and played by Jet Li I fell in love with him all over again.

(Buddha doesn't exactly tame Monkey in the epic _Journey to the West_ but rather turns his Attention Deficit Superpowers to Good .)

The other characters were fun, I thought "Silent Monk" was going to turn out to be Tripikata (a major monk character in _Journey_)... I was wrong.

The baddies are also based on folklore/legends and there's a classic villian inspired by a vintage martial arts film. (Oddly enough it's one I've never actually seen.)

I had a great time, and my adrenaline is still up!

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